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We offer gift cards in any amount.

Not sure what to gift a beginner?
The intro pack is the best way to get started with Pilates.
It is dedicated individual time with an instructor to introduce the equipment,
Pilates principles, and basic exercises 
This package includes 3 private sessions, by appointment for $240

We also offer beginner level group classes, they are $
37.50 each.

How to purchase a gift card.

Gift Certificate drop down menu
Gift Certificate drop down menu

Step 3: Choose from the dropdown menu

Step 4: Fill out the form

*You can choose to email the gift card to the recipient or
have it emailed to yourself to print at home

Gift Certificate form

Step 5: Preview your gift card

Step 6: Click on "Make Purchase"

Step 7: Print from Home

*There is a link in this confirmation that says "print prepaid gift card" or there will be a PDF attachment in the confirmation sent to you.

Gift Certificate purchase confirmation
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