Common Questions

1) How do I get started? I have never taken any Pilates equipment classes. If I take the monthly membership can I get started with the beginner or open level classes?

We recommend starting with the intro pack of private sessions.

The intro pack offer is 3 sessions for $240, normally $115 each.

All classes and sessions are 55 minutes.

Private sessions are by appointment and are offered at times we don't have group classes

Sessions are typically offered between 12-6pm Mon-Fri and 2-4 Sat-Sun.

If private sessions aren't an option and you are injury free, you can also start with the beginner level classes.


2) Monthly membership - Is the monthly membership for group equipment classes?

Yes, the membership allows you to book up to 16 classes a month, our group classes include the reformer, wall tower and wunda chair. There are up to 4 participants and 1 instructor.

3)What are the hours during weekdays/weekends?

Please see our website for class times.

We use a program called MindBody for all booking, scheduling, and payment needs.

This link will take you to the page: Project Pilates website for class schedule

There is a button to see the schedule and below that another button when you are ready to book.

4) What is the mask policy?

Masks are optional if you are fully vaccinated - unless you have traveled or been in a large group of unmasked people, we ask that you wear a mask in the studio for 10 days.

5) How do I purchase a gift card?

Thank you for thinking of us for your gift!

We have an on-line system (MindBody) that does all of our booking and sales. 

Here's the link: Click Here

*You'll want to go to the tab that says "Online Store" and then click on "Gift Certificates".

*You will be able to send the gift card via e-mail or print a certificate from home.

6) Can I book a session with my friend?

Yes! For 2-3 people in a session, we offer a semi-private package, the intro pack is 3 sessions for $149 (normally $75 each), a five pack is $345 and a 10 pack is $650. (The pricing is per person.)

We recommend that you and friend/s be at or near the same physical ability level.

7) What do I need to bring to class?

Please bring water and socks. (And a hair tie if needed.)