Introducing our wonderful instructors. Each one brings something unique to their class. Read below to find out where they were trained and what special skills they have learned along their Pilates journey...

Hanh Tran (Equipment, Mat, Pre/Postnatal, Group Classes, One-on-One Instruction)

Thuc-Hanh Tran (Hanh) received her Pilates Comprehensive Mat and Equipment certification from the Kane School of Core Integration, her certifications in Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates, Momilates®, and Stroller Moves® from Bella Bellies®; and is a licensed instructor of Pilates for Buff Bones®, a bone-strengthening program for those with osteoporosis or those seeking to prevent it. Hanh continually seeks to deepen her understanding of different topics, attending classes, workshops and seminars on bone health, diastasis recti, working with seniors, sacro-illiac joint dysfunction, shoulders, knees, neck, back… with prominent teachers like Kelly Kane, Matt McCullough, Debbi Goodman, MPT, Lolita San Miguel, Julie Tupler, RN, Rebekah Rotstein, Balanced Body Pilates on Tour among others. Her best learning, however, has come from experiences with clients vastly different from one another in body and mind who she’s been blessed to work with over the years.

Hanh also has been a professional dancer (The King and I on Broadway, the Martha Graham Dance Company..), actor, choreographer, dance teacher (most extensively at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts), refugee camp worker, health education assistant, and is mother to two amazing kids.

“I look forward to working with you towards fuller movement possibilities, optimum health, and greater enjoyment and appreciation of your body.

Shauna Jenkisson (Pilates Equipment, Mat, Pre/Postnatal, Group Classes, One-on-One Instruction)

Shauna started learning Pilates in 1995. She discovered it helped enormously in refining her dance technique. Shauna received her first Pilates certification in 2001 from Physical Mind Institute where she studied with master trainers Lesley Powell, CMA, and Doris Pastpelleur-Hall.

She received an additional certification in 2006 from IM=X Pilates where, as a master trainer, she certified students in NYC and Arizona in the IM=X Pilates method.

Shauna earned her holistic health certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2001. Shauna’s lively teaching approach inspires people to achieve their fitness goals and enjoy a higher level of grace and confidence.

Dorela Cheban (Pilates Equipment, Mat, Pre/Postnatal, Group Classes, One-on-One Instruction)

Dorela was born and raised in the USSR, but in her late teens relocated to the US in order to pursue her dreams. She has always strived to live an active and healthy lifestyle through different types of fitness training programs including spinning and boxing; but it was after deciding to try Pilates that Dorela really found her niche. Now having practiced for over ten years, Pilates has given her killer core strength, a strong sense of body awareness, and the flexibility she has always desired. Pilates also remains a positive outlet from her stressful and sometimes demanding career in the finance industry.

Dorela received her Pilates Mat and full Apparatus certification from the prestigious Kane School of Core Integration, training under founder Kelly Kane. She is excited to share her love of Pilates and is dedicated to helping her clients move their bodies in an optimal way for maximum results. Dorela’s knowledge and passion shows in her class repertoire. She uses different props to challenge and keep her clients interested but also makes sure to personalize and guide students through workouts that meet their specific needs. She teaches that body awareness, breath, discipline and control are all key cornerstones to having successful and enjoyable sessions. At the end of the day, her goal is to educate people on how to improve their lives through Pilates, while helping to inspire students of all levels reach their true potential.

MARISA POST (Pilates Equipment, Mat, Group Classes, One-on-One Instruction)
Marisa Post is a performer, dance educator, and movement instructor based in Jersey City. A Maryland native, Marisa moved here after obtaining a BFA in Dance from George Mason University. Since relocating, Marisa has forged a multi-faceted career path dedicated to cultivating and sharing mindful movement practices that promote health, happiness, and peace of mind. Through her Pilates training at the Kane School and with the skills acquired through her lifelong journey in the dance world, she aspires to guide individuals toward feeling more empowered and at home in their own bodies. Join her in class for a moment of focus on strength, anatomical alignment, and mind-body awareness that you can take with you into your everyday life!
Nancy Weidner Photo.jpg
Nancy Weidner (Pilates Equipment, Mat, Group Classes, One-on-One Instruction)
Nancy Weidner is certified in Pilates by the prestigious Kane School in NYC and in health coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She believes in taking the time to consciously fill your life with nourishing activities, healthy food and supportive people that make you smile. Her goals are to help people feel better about themselves inside and out and to give them the tools to create this success. Through Pilates, Nancy’s clients can achieve self-transformation with mindful movement. They will build total-body strength, flexibility, muscle tone, balance, stamina, and confidence. Nancy’s lifelong passion for fitness and her attentive Pilates instruction help clients find joy and beauty through intentional exercise.
After a career in fashion and marketing that took her to New York and London, Nancy returned to her home state of New Jersey where she now lives in Short Hills with her husband and three children.
Emily Bartsch Photo.jpg
Emily Bartsch (Pilates Equipment, Mat, Group Classes, One-on-One Instruction)
Emily Bartsch is a teacher and performer with a lifelong affinity for movement. She was introduced to Pilates at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee when a professor suggested the technique as a strategy for managing chronic aches and pains stemming from hypermobility. She began taking mat classes as a way to augment her dance training and fell in love with Pilates as a healing modality and a mindfulness technique. After college, she moved to New York City and began her Pilates teacher training at the Kane School. Here, she developed a detailed eye for biomechanical functioning and learned how to guide others towards efficient use. Her teaching is informed by studies in other somatic practices, including Alexader Technique, Feldenkrais, and Klein Technique. She believes that Pilates has something to offer for every body, and aims to help others achieve a more balanced state of being through her classes.
C.Freeman front.jpg
CHRISTIE FREEMAN (Pilates Equipment, Mat, Group Classes, Pre/Postnatal, One-on-One Instruction)
Christie Freeman, studio owner and director of HHF/PP, first discovered Pilates in college where she received a BFA in dance from California State University, Long Beach. Christie worked part-time in the dance department's physical therapy room, this is where she realized the true benefits of a daily Pilates practice and how much Pilates can help the body. 
Christie received her Pilates mat and equipment certification from The Kane School of Core Integration in New York in 2005. Christie has attended additional workshops to continue her Pilates training; Pilates through Pregnancy with Debbi Goodman, MSPT, Pre and Post Natal Specialist Pilates Certification with Carolyne Anthony, is a licensed instructor of Pilates for Buff Bones®, a bone-strengthening program for those with osteoporosis or those seeking to prevent it, Kinesthetic Anatomy and Biomechanics of Motion: Spine/Trunk with Irene Dowd, Relax your Neck – Liberate your Shoulders with Eric Franklin, Hip and Knee injuries with Mark Klion/MD and the FAMI intensive taught at Mount Sinai. She is currently enrolled in Pacific College of Health and Science pursuing her Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine. 
Christie hopes that all will love the way they feel as much as she does after an invigorating pilates session whether it is for fitness, injury prevention, or recovery. Pilates really does work!