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Welcome to Project Pilates and your Pilates journey!
Please follow our guidelines listed below. It helps keep class levels and pacing of classes consistent.
There are two ways you can start with us.
1) The first option is to start with the Intro to Equipment Class..
     After the Intro to Equipment class, beginner level group classes are appropriate.
2) The second option is to start with private sessions. 


Group Classes
If this is your first experience on the equipment, your first class with us should be the "Intro to Equipment" class.
(Another option is to book private sessions.)
You can sign up for the Intro to Equipment class or private sessions through our website. Select the teal box at the top center of our site "Schedule a class". Through our scheduler, you can pay for and book classes/sessions and view your schedule.
Group classes are $37.50 each and we offer packages in increments of 1, 5 or 10.
   *If you have an injury, limited mobility or are pregnant, a private session is where you would need to start.
   *Intermediate Level Classes - Require participants to be proficient in beginner exercises. Control of alignment, breathing,      
     foundational strength, and knowledge of the equipment are required before signing up for intermediate classes (even if you are      in great shape, you need to start with the Intro to Equipment class. 
Private Sessions
 We offer an intro pack of 3 private sessions for $240 (normally $115 each).
 Private sessions allow you to get comfortable with the equipment at your own pace and with all attention on you.
 If this is your first time on the equipment, we highly recommend starting your Pilates practice this way. 
 Private sessions are by appointment and are offered when group classes are not scheduled.
 You can see availability and request a session through our scheduler.
Semi-Private Sessions
Scheduling with a friend is required to make a reservation, pricing is per person.
What could be better than Pilates?
Pilates with a friend!
Sessions are best for friends without injuries and who are generally at the same fitness level.
We offer an intro pack of 3 private sessions for $149 per person. (normally $75 a session/per person.)
Save when you purchase 5 or 10 packs.
Sessions are by appointment and are offered when group classes are not scheduled.
You can see availability and request a session through our scheduler..


The Common Questions page on our website has some information you might find helpful.
Here's a guide to walk you through setting up an account and booking classes and/or sessions.
We highly recommend using a laptop or PC.
1) The teal box at the top of this page "Schedule a class" is a link to our scheduler. Click on it.
2) Click "sign in" in the top right corner.
     Then Scroll down
         -New Clients click "Create Account"
         -Returning clients click  "Sign in" again or "Need new password" to sign in.
3) Once you create an account/log in, click on the tab "My Info" (top left) and then in the middle section click "Edit" next to billing information to add your credit card info.
After your account is set up you can book classes and sessions, please follow the steps below.
To purchase a class/session/package:
     When you are logged in, click on the "Online store" tab (top right)
     Select classes or privates from the drop down menu.
     To book classes:
     Select "Pilates Equipment Classes" from the tab menu.
     To book private sessions:
     Select "Pilates Private Session" from the tab menu.
     To purchase a membership:
     Select the "Online Store" tab and then select Pilates Equipment Classes from the dropdown.
Where are we located?
On Christopher Columbus Drive (Between Jersey Ave and Coles Street) 




Vito A. Lofts Project Pilates Building
Entrance to 190 Christopher Columbus Drive
Entry System for 190 Christopher Columbus Drive
Project Pilates Door
Project Pilates reception area
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